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Is too much

Hello, senior developer and PM here, unless I did not understand the scope of this hackathon, I'm afraid what you are asking for is too much for 2 months and a 30K prize and you most probably will get bad projects.

"Create a fun app for open source collaboration on maps of problems (miro-style) through crowdsourcing (wikipedia-style) and crowdfunding (kickstarter-style)."

We are talking about a project that combines 3 different, very complicated, applications. A collaboration tool like Miro, that's supports public collaboration with necessary revision system, like Wikipedia, with support for crowdfunding on every single node/issue/problem, like Kickstarter. These are 3 applications that on themselves are even 3 separate companies since they are complicated to do it right and maintain.

I hope I'm wrong, in which case please correct me, since the project is very interesting I will love to participate, BUT, if this is really the scope of it, I strongly recommend you to narrow it down. I have been directing IT projects for the past 10 years and can guarantee you that this is too much.

I hope you understand that my intention is not to be rude


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    fax no printer

  • Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

    Hi private user, we have raised the prize to 60k and are only looking for a prototype of something that can be extended via a continued collaboration.

    There is also a 10k prize now for a special feature, so if you'd like to focus on only one of them, that's great, too!

    If you have more questions, we'd love to chat! We have our next office hour on Discord on January 25, at 9 am PT: https://discord.gg/epAdJdchNA.

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